You Need A Restart

February 2016

Another night dreaming about you,

another morning where i couldn't text you,

how long can i go through what you want?

life gets hard, even love gets to taunt,


my hands cannot erase this love,

i can't live without you, that's enough

for me and i can only wish the same for you,

but you need a restart, it's what you wanna do,


so i'll go through any and all torture for

you, i'd go through wars and more,

what else is in store? or isn't? who knows,

still i'll sit through all our shows,


just to realize Valentines is only a day,

a day that celebrates love, i'm in a lonely way,

but say no more if this is what you need,

i can't live without you at this point, you're my need.

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