Could Have Been An 8 Month Celebration

February 2016

On the day of 8 months, could have been a celebration,

instead i'm left missing this sensation,

destroyed our foundation, our towers fell,

now i'm all alone with not a soul to tell,


that i wish the best for her, still i love her,

there will never be another,

who will make me want to make her permanent,

i'd rather be with her, even through any argument,


then be with some other fake lover who's only around,

until she meets another lion making a louder sound,

in her i found everything i dreamt of and then some,

instead i mistreated her, why was i so dumb?


so now while the sun rises, i'll text only myself,

good morning beautiful, it's all that will help,

the sadness that overtakes me each day and defeats,

all the overthinking i would have done, texts i'll delete.

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