No Beautiful Good Morning

February 2016

Not really sure how you could reject this,

now things are in perspective,

not as effective as i once thought you to be,

cause now lately all i feel is losing that we,


no longer urged to please so please keep your retort,

i can no longer by that emotional support,

now that we resort to only being friends,

who say they "want to work things out", no ends,


the same texts we send except i'm the heart breaking,

left waking every morning and immediately aching,

and what's making that happen is the knowledge that,

it was always i who ruined us, heart breaking fact,


my heart fell flat, much like my apology,

feel like i'm Obama and our love the economy,

i'm failing we, or was it us failing each other?

i fear soon you'll hate me like you do my brother and mother.

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