Live As The Lion

January 2016

Can't wait to sleep and live in my dreams,

despise waking up and seeing the streams

were never how it seemed to be when sleeping,

those old nightmares no longer come creeping,


that dirt i was sweeping and long ago discarded,

the old sad thoughts have long ago departed,

my future has started, and the image i see when i sleep,

will cost more then enough, won't come cheap,


i died as a sheep, now i live as the lion,

keep selling the drama, i won't be buyin,

no i'm not lyin i'm tired of the tryin, i long to do,

and long to no longer put the ones i love through


wondering if i'll ever wake up, shake up my thoughts,

i no longer desire that daily hit or nightly shots,

my mind was in knots and i untied it, finally,

i'm aiming for a happy present and future, entirely.

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