What Do We Hold Dear?

January 2016

What do we hold dear? trust or love?

how do we keep the momentum going? push or shove?

sure life is tough, but it's all worth it,

who needs all the drama, small circle of friends is perfect,


no reason to collect junk and ruin your kids,

hoarding effects the whole house and forbids

everyone else living inside to feel happy bringing over,

any girl or love unless we're far from sober,


like i'm stuck in a layover, and i have no say,

just have to wait it out? but still i pay,

from my wallet that used to weigh much more,

now the way it weighs barely drags my jeans to the floor,


once the snore and bore is over, pray he goes to Scotland,

where he can live happily, cure the apple of all rotten

parts that the worm devoured, love is always a cure,

what do we hold dear? can't live with a man unsure.

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