Far Beyond Perfect & Planets Away From Worth It

January 2016

This dream i've had for far too long,

this day dream i drift towards becomes too strong,

in one line of every song, i find my dream,

waking up next to you is much harder then it seems.


Coming home to the smells of your cooking,

don't even need to turn around you know i'm looking,

no need to worry about my thoughts comparing,

you're all i think of, specially when i'm staring.


Today may be our 7 month, but i'll celebrate quietly,

i'm happy even through the ups and few downs, variety,

i love you entirely, nothing can be perfect,

well to me you are far beyond perfect and planets away from worth it.


If you were here beside me, i'd fall asleep much happier,

not saying without you i'm crappier,

just not as full of what matters, the love and the lightning,

negative thoughts and my past scatter, no longer is life frightening.

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