My Perfect Girl

January 2016

You're easily the most amazing thing in my life,

i long for that day you become my wife,

no more strife, i'll treasure every little bit of you,

dream of our future and putting a kid in you.


Be it one or two, i treasure every moment together,

my breath of fresh air, you bring on better weather,

whether or not you wanted to, your beauty makes me crazy,

i know you'll never play me, only person who keeps me from being lazy.


Only person who could save me, my perfect girl,

i will always protect you from all the harm in this world,

such amazing blonde curls, go away and i'd write you,

what good have i done to be gifted with someone like you?


Please don't ever leave me, i die without you,

i fall into a hazy state, increase my doubts too,

you're my favorite person in the whole wide world,

my lucky star, my perfect girl.

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