My Heart You Conquered

January 2016

Forever i love you, really really love you,

no matter what we go or we're put through,

the most beautiful girl on the planet,

can hardly stand it, i made off like a bandit.


The way you hold yourself and dress is flawless,

my jaw would still hit the floor if i was jawless,

you're my goddess, always make me want to be,

the best possible person i know i can be.


Your eyes are so pretty, your mind is stronger,

i miss you when you're not around, please stay longer,

my heart you conquered, fell for your stare,

i truly love the smell of your hair.


I'll always be there, love your walk; i'm your king,

i love hearing you talk and sing,

love talking about a ring, and the way i feel when i'm with you,

i'm happy alone, yes, but i'm happiest when i'm with you.

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