It's Only A Dream Away

January 2016

When i close my eyes,

you're all i see, even when i try

to pretend i don't, i'm not sure how far away,

cause everything i want is only a dream away.


I feel my heart beating for a love that's unreal,

how could i have actually found one so real?

to question the stressin i felt when without you,

gives me the answer... i'm all about you.


Look down deep, the truth is inside,

no matter the battle i'll always be by your side,

i'll wipe your eyes when tears start falling,

and always answer when you're calling.


No more stalling, tonight i want to run away

with you, lets go and get married today,

no matter the day or the way, it'll be perfect,

you're my present and future, you're forever worth it.

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