I'll Never Go Astray

January 2016

My gut was right, with you it seems

to have more brains then my mind that's stuck in dreams,

to know what it's like without you,

makes me never again doubt you,


my love is all for you, compared to none other,

i only have eyes for you, none other,

even when some other had no respect for us,

i was hoping you knew i'd kick her to the curb, trust,


i'm all about us, even when we fight,

waited my whole life for you won't wait another night,

it'll always be alright, even when i was broken down,

your love was all i needed and somehow


i knew if the love is right we can get through

whatever is thrown in our way, i love you,

and enough to tell any girl to keep away,

i'm no lost puppy, i'll never go astray.

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