Dig Down Deep

December 2015

Why do we say things and not mean them?

hurt the ones we love then try to shield them?

with anothers shovel dig up your dirt,

until you find the truth on the rocks and it hurts.


Dig down further, dig down deep,

only less then 5 hours i've been able to sleep,

ever since she cut me off with her steel,

and without proper rest i'm afraid i'll never heal.


Why do we trash yards and through out our feelings?

stay within our own minds lines and under anothers ceilings,

we are meant to live and love on this earth,

down the right path we'll find our worth.


Dig down futher, dig down deep,

maybe if i shut down and go numb i can sleep,

from counting sheep to counting her steel,

without a real amount of rest how am i supposed to heal?

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