Please Don't Push Me Away Just Yet

December 2015

It'll never be simple for me,

breathlessly i try to hear our melody

over my heart beat that beats loud in my mind,

i'll always use that beat to write these lines,


for the better i can tell i've changed,

it's more then my room we've rearranged,

how strange for me to look back,

and notice without crutches i can almost relax.


I realize you're perfect and i'm not the safest bet,

all i can ask is please don't push me away just yet,

we still have a lot more to write in our story,

in my dreams we're together well past forty,


i know i've run through chance after chance,

to always come running back to your mesmerizing glance,

gone through more chances then any man should get,

please don't push me away just yet.

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