Paranoid & Strange

October 2015

Hard to not wish you were laying in my bed,

i'm hanging on each word you've said,

i know who i want to be but i'm not there yet,

still on my way, never forget.


Got to calm my thoughts from running wild,

just close my eyes and imagine your smile,

you'll never go out of style, but i could,

and that's why i have to be better, like i should.


I'm just a fool and i want to change,

i want to stop being so paranoid and strange,

i want to love you unconditionally like i know i do,

and i want to wake up each morning next to you.


What can i do? take it day by day,

and always listen to every word you say,

i'll be the better man that you deserve boo,

still die each and every time my fears hurt you.

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