The Pains of Love

October 2015

Who else could be in a relationship where the ex

still lived in the same studio apartment? i guess

i'm the only one who can't cause i can't tell

her my feelings anymore, why dwell?


She's always annoyed and can't fit in my shoe,

if she were dating her what would she do?

i don't want to end things, i love her,

i never think she'd cheat on me, i trust her,


but when lovers have to be apart after such a hot start,

how else do you expect me to hurt?

i feel like she has no time for me, true?

if she were dating me living with my ex what would she do?


I truly do love her and i want it to be okay,

what was it in the beginning she always would say?

i need to find a new apartment,

or a new living arrangement.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i really didnt want to post this but i wanted to just put it out there. advice to all guys, dont let your fears and paranoia ruin one evening with your love

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