I'll Leave Her Be

October 2015

Not sure why i can't keep my mouth shut,

ask another idiotic question, now what?

i seem to have slowly but surely become a disease,

and i'll leave her be.


I don't want to ruin another great thing,

just waiting by my cell for the ring,

i know i shouldn't have these worries in my mind,

just hard when she can't seem to find any time.


Maybe i'm just an uneducated low life,

who could never be good enough for a wife,

instead of giving strife and becoming her disease,

if it's what she wants now i'll leave her be.


It'll break my heart but i can't bear knowing,

that i had so much love that wasn't showing,

only blowing things out of proportion, i hate it,

i'll sleep in this fucked up bed alone cause i made it.

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