My Weekend Morning Greeting

September 2015

The ghost of my ex' quietly cry in the wind,

cause they know it's time to  go, it's the end,

of their reign in my mind, time to unwind,

and untie the poorly tied knots they left behind.


Replace them with knots tied through love,

nothing like the pain that was tying that stuff,

no need to rub them the wrong way,

cause in 5 months i've come a long way.


It's because of the love i wake up feeling,

that still leaves me panting and reeling,

try dealing with a heart that's rapidly beating,

once i wake up, it's her eyes and smile i'm greeting.


No need treating this love spell i'm under,

i'll throw the lightning as long as she's my thunder,

went from barely sleeping, afraid of my night scares,

to fighting off staying awake so i can dream us everywhere.

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