The Ordination

September 2015

I feel like a new pair of glasses,

feel like the popularity that attracts the masses,

no need to ask if it's cause i found love,

i have found the girl who is kind of


the love that i'd spend the rest of my life with,

the type i always assumed was only a myth,

from first sight to first kiss, she's the one,

the only reason that awakens the sun,


for when her eyes open and mine open to hers,

there is this amazing attraction that occurs,

immediately thoughts slur and spoken word becomes a pull,

no matter where, i'll always say morning beautiful,


if you ever get cold i'll be the wool that wraps around

you and allows any unsteadiness to die down,

i could never lie now, my Queen has been crowned,

and i'll always live for those nights where together we bed down.

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