I'm Not Some Dimwit

August 2015

Never want to worry about what she feels during a kiss,

with eyes closed i can only go on the feel of her lips,

she's becoming my religion, my bible,

whether the size is a lie or not, the sex is still tribal.


It was i you would find, with my heart in limbo,

kept an open mind, constantly would see you through my two shattered windows,

in the elevator when you asked for my info, found a moment to rival

the few moments i cherrish in life, your eyes brought my revival.


Almost 2 months in and truly, how bizarre,

that i found a girl who could break my heart,

an open cavity i once shook off as barren and frigid,

now knowing it would relight with carin and marys religion.


On our comet i could only guess at how far

we would travel together, or how many more scars

will litter the pride of a shy guy who's timid,

uneducated? sure, but not once will you see me as some dimwit.

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