Dance With The Chances

August 2015

Glad i took a breath and knew she was worth it,

i asked for a partner, not someone perfect,

but still she's perfect, glad i didn't jump to conclusions,

told my past experiences to screw themselves and their illusions,


i am able to go in others shoes and feel some of what they may,

i find the silver lining in what she might say,

but the gold is in her eyes, that's where true love barely escapes,

through bruises and scrapes her blue eyes can shape


me to be the man i long to be, gutsy,

and rooted to my kindness, hope tree,

now can you guarantee me it'll only be that one slip,

won't be a constant hidden-in-plain-sight trip,


cause i won't slip up the second, dance with the chances,

i'm looking for true romance, one that enhances

life and keeps my thoughts from running wild,

like you did when i first tickled and you smiled.

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