August 2015

Not like i blew it but still i knew it,

she was lying all along, how could she do it?

all through the tough minutes she was all over her ex,

how i didn't see it earlier has me perplexed,


i now know i don't even truly know you,

let me get your phone and show you

the texts i read after you called me Tom,

i'm no better then an emulator and sex is a rom,, claim it as yours now,

someone in your past must have show you doors, now

i can't even look at you the same again,

from friends to lovers to not wanting to know you, again,


probably the end, after what i heard and read i'm frustrated,

i'm terribly sorry i happen to be uneducated,

sorry i couldn't be the one to make you forget,

cause you were the reason i wanted to forget.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

really debated not posting this cause it was a spur of the moment anger that wrote this. sure the events happened but love, like life, aint always fair

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