The Wrong Girls Down The Right Path

May 2015

Don't take what i can't say the wrong way,

I've always shown you who i am each and every day,

the wrong girl will always try to change you or leave you,

but the right girl will always treat you


with nothing but love respect and understanding,

she'll ask you quesitons out of caring, not to be demanding,

once the smiles are banding together, don't fall back,

no reason to fear any hurt, she'll always call back,


went through enough strikeouts, there's an art to the swing,

fell in love with the wrong girls down the right path, that's the thing

i never could have assured myself of, not one for directions,

nor one for dancers questions or cancers suggestions,


i'm bettin that what is read comes off as sad,

i'm glad cause i wrote with all that i ever had,

now i write with everything i could and should have,

no longer stuck on what i would have.

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