I Never Wanted To Let You Go

February 2015

From the first kiss in the car, i always wondered if

there was any more to this, maybe something we missed,

wondering that here right now, can't shake it out,

wondering how you could ever ask me why i showed doubt.


Another over on the phone, left me all alone,

as long as it is known that i never wanted to let you go,

i truly never wanted to let you go,

i never thought i'd be the one who let you go.


After every show when the drinks are poured proud and the lights dimmed low,

i'll walk home slow, wondering if you know...

hands off my phone, leave it alone,

somehow gotta let it be known i never wanted to let her go.


All of my life,

i've never thought as far ahead as husband and wife,

i thought maybe it'd be alright,

but a trip abroad will kill all fight.

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