Cause You Wanted To

February 2015

Here love goes again, thinking about you,

smiling in my head, is there something i could do?

choose to just go out, grab a few social drinks instead

of smoking till i'm paranoid, killing love cells in my head.


Sometimes we gotta give it up, let it dry on the line,

somebody wanna live it up? got a great life in mind,

still dancing in my head, wish there was more that i said,

i wanted you so bad, now i want solitude instead.


Wouldn't i call and tell it all if i really wanted you?

i'm sure you would have tried, not hide, if you wanted to,

poems used as my tell all, cause i wanted to,

and you chose to return silent, cause YOU wanted to.


Another lonely day, way past deja vu,

stuck with bills to pay, i'll always pull through,

it's what i gotta do, should i stay home instead?

i'd rather be with you, then wake up alone in this bed.

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