Now & Again

February 2015

Now and again i think about you,

wouldn't have to only think if i never chose to doubt you,

she kicked me out too, what else is new?

she'll still dance into my mind, nothing i could do.


If i really wanted you, don't you think

that i'd call you up in a blink?

don't it seem like i do but you kept dripping like a sink,

we overflowed and nothing was left from draining or falling over the brink.


I can't stop, can't get you outta my head,

would i rather never have met you instead?

would i have a brighter horizon up ahead?

better then feeling like some walking talking dead.


Now and again, i don't think about you,

not one simple second spent, subconsciously choosing route two,

the route without you, something else to do,

stuck dancing in somone elses mind, what else is new?

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