Love Drunk Drinking Alcohol

January 2015

If it's never better to not love at all,

why am i now love drunk drinking alcohol,

why can i not shake all our memories,

making all my current relationships soon to be enemies.


Met at my house, soon befriended me,

when we now meet there's this amazing energy,

maybe if i tried my best to make it work,

i wouldn't need to "apologize for makin ya hurt".


I wouldn't need to find some new girl,

cause i'd be with who i want, you girl,

i'd succumb in a heartbeat to the love in my chest,

and choose you without any regrets.


For unrequitted love there needs to be a prescription,

cause it's definitely not making a great commission,

with money i still feel like i'm at the bottom,

what's money earned and spent without em.

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