Forget It All In Written Lyrics

January 2015

Karma owes me, it's long overdue,

was depending on it helping me to get over you,

and for my audience, the clappers sake,

i can't fully allow the feeling we shared to evaporate.


It's all i have to make my few nightly fans listen,

and i'm not lying in any line where it's you i'm missin,

all the fears i thought i'd be years ago, i exceeded them,

told the ones who hated me they were right, agreed with them.


Cause i knew i could forget it all in written lyrics,

take my mind, select all and clear it,

but there's a girl who stays a strong memory,

and i'm sure the love for her will diminish with centuries.


So for centuries i will stand straight,

and strum out my love for her to my fan base,

here's to hoping it only seems to last forever,

here's to wishing we in the future get back together.

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