My Own

January 2015

Living in a world where brutality grows,

kids teens and adults are only keeping current on reality shows,

if that's what keeps the normal engaged,

i'd rather be the oddball staying glued to the front page.


Cause i'm not one of those just stuck in their own lives,

wasting their own time making up their own lies,

i'm one of the care about animals and the good in humanity

type of guy, some see that as minor insanity.


Flash back a few years ago,

when i wasn't able to understand what every girl was with me for,

worrying and bad advice drove me nutty,

and kept me ignorant, only caring about my own money.


Why care about my worth when i can earn on my own couch,

get a bunch out there making my income while i'm at my own house,

it's not me, i've got my own work to do,

and it'll end up amounting to much more then you.

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