Kissing With Eyes Closed

December 2014

Bodies heating up in July,

kissing with our eyes closed all the time,

never would have thought she'd make me cross that line,

felt the love then but didn't know.


Early in that same Summer we'd constantly ditch the pants,

bodies entwined together making my bed dance,

back then backs were the only place for our hands,

these memories won't stop, someone help me out.


Find the end to that past in the bottom of a bottle of whiskey rum or wine,

each drink making me forget all the signs,

can't afford anymore what ifs in my mind,

if you love me again, would you let me know?


If i text to come out i hope you'll go,

be my X making all my friends go O,

clocks turn too fast, wish our time together would go slow,

cause you're all i think about.

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