Believe In Nothing But The End

December 2014

Hard to not think us made up,

when it's so easy to hate what

we used to be through weekdays and weekends,

wish your feelings for me were kept between friends,


since then i've only tried to increase the heat and

tweeted a bunch about how it's so freezin,

status full of song lyrics that keep my heart beatin,

mind full of smiles, think of you every evenin,


you left me standing but barely breathing,

couldn't believe i never saw you leavin,

believe in nothing but the end, who's drunk again?

i'm just drinkin away the pain and playing the blues again,


back in our Summer it was never enough,

nothing could describe how it felt to feel our love,

we held something so amazing in both hands,

and lost it all because we stayed with no plans.

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