Escape From Reality

As the sunlight slips beyond my grasp,
The shadows gather beneath the floor boards,
The stars burn holes into the sky,
And the earth is scorched down into black ashes,
Leaving behind the outlines of what had once been…

The world is frozen,
Covered beneath thin sheets of cold black snow,
And if only for a moment,
I feel the warmth of your presence,
As if your voice had been suspended within
The whispers of the thin night air…

Although my soul is restless,
My body grows weak,
And I fall into the temptation
Of meeting you in my dreams…

It is when the dawn breaks across the sky
That the world is reborn from the ashes of yesterday,
Just as I am reborn by the warmth of the sunlight
Brushing across the side of my cheek…
Nostalgia overtakes my consciousness,
For it feels as if my face had fallen
Into the warm embrace of your hands,
And in that moment,
Just before I open my eyes,
I feel your lips,
just inches from mine…

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