Intoxicating Music

Soul struck by an irresistible calm;

The rhythmic rain plays

The beat of a

Witch doctors song…

I fall into the long awaited

Curse of the extreme psychological solitude,

All thoughts being



Ripped off the dirty reflection

That catches my gaze,

And refuses to let go…

This reflection,

A familiar stranger,

Scars dripping down his face,

Pulls me close,

Uncomfortably close to a world

I once knew too well…

In his eyes

A blue flame ignites

And the frost of the flames

Spreads wildly through my veins,

Instantly overtaken

By a mental paralysis…

The world is frozen,

Pictures flash

And fall into ashes,

The silence stings

And only grows louder,

My heart falls weak,

As if it had been beating

10 times the years I’ve seen…

The embers burn out,

Only darkness is left,

And although it is terrifying,

It’s exhilarating all the same…

This mystery,

This myth of ultimate detachment,

This undying sense of limitless freedom,

Intoxicates my soul,

And in a sick, ironic realization…

I’ve never felt so alive.

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