Letter to a Broken Man

I look across the open emptiness

of the bridge that once made us one,

though the embers die down,

the burns run deep

as your molten red fingertips

strangle my soul

This is the last time I'll feel you here,

and as your black eyes meet mine

you know that it's true

So hold tight until the black smoke

fills my lungs with lead

and drops me to my knees,

just know that you wont keep me down much longer

As I look into the mirror

I can see you looking back at me,

you gave me these eyes,

you gave me this heart,

you gave me my life,

and you can try to bring me down

into the ashes of your shattered life,

but your pathetic attempt

will only make you see

that the world that once was yours,

now lays crushed within my hands

Just know one thing,

you are not a fallen hero,

or half the man that I have become,

I'll pick up the pieces,

of the family you left behind,

and I'll repaint its beauty

that your ugliness destroyed,

and before I say goodbye,

I can only say thank you,

for showing me

the kind of man,

and the kind of father,

that I will never be

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