in those moments

In those moments,

between the mourning of the sun,

And the celebration of the moon,

Where the shadow

Surpasses its master,

Where your sense kicks out

And your instinct kicks in,

While your red heart

Drowns in a black sea,

Filled with skeletons

And skeletons-to-be,

Where time begins to creep

As it sets you ablaze,

And the clock turns ice blue

Creating a cracked reflection

Of a broken stranger‘s black conscious,

Which covers his body

With a veil of disparity,

But his eyes burn through,

Eyes which spark at every sudden move,

But are blind to the movement’s

And the center that drives them,

As they just keep growing brighter,

With a pure sickening white glow,

Like the embers on the ashes

Of your broken soul,

You realize,

That the reason why

The stranger's eyes burn through,

Is that while your looking at him

You're looking at you..

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