Let the strangers gather round,

To hear truths that I have found…

Listen close brother

For the ground has cracked

Grasp on to the whispers,

What holds you back?

They call for you to listen

Will you not honor their request?

The choice lays upon your shoulders

For only you know what’s best.

Why do you shake brother…

Do these words cause your fear?

Have you always been the puppet…

and never the puppeteer?

Open your ears stranger

Their song can set you free

You’ve been asleep for too long..

it is time for you to see….

It is time for you to breathe

And stop following these lies..

Though your mask may be deceiving

The fear still fills your eyes…

Grab hold of their whispers

And cut away the strings..

They’ve granted you your freedom..

Now its time for you to sing.

But don’t preach out to loudly,

For tonight’s work would be in vain…

Just begin by cracking the surface..

And by breaking a stranger’s chains…

Then let the strangers gather round,

To hear the truths that you have found…

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