and so the world coughed


When I grow up

I want to be Just like you dad

I want to start a family

And have everything you had

I want to read the paper

And work in the garage

And smoke cigarettes

So my lungs fill with tar,

I want the life that you had

But I’d rather not die

Cause when you were gone

It was hard not to cry

But I will keep smoking

And that’s not a lie

Because you never quit

And neither will I

and I love you dad…

I just wish you said bye

I want to be just like u gram gram

Though there’s a hole in your neck,

And now that grandpa’s gone

your whole life is a wreck..

And I miss you a lot

I’m in college now if you forgot

I just wish I could call you

But you cant even talk

You cant even breath

When you go for a walk

but I still want the long life that you lived

though you lost everything you had…

…First smoking took grandpa

….and then it took dad

But  you’ll never quit

Like mother like son

You’ll smoke through that hole

Until your hearts says it’s done

I want to be just like those companies

Who used to say

That nicotine wasn’t addictive

Not in any way

and when the results came in

They couldn’t run away

But it was already to late

The cigs were here to stay

So what did they do

The apologized of course

By targeting high school kids

Without feeling any remorse

You have to be strong to kill people

And they pulled it off

By giving the world

A reason to cough

I’m just glad I got to see you

…My beautiful son

For this is the first battle

That your mother has  won

See your sister before you

Was already dead

They say she had died

Before the docs saw her head

Her body was limp

And she didn’t even cry

And its your mother’s smoking

That caused her to die

that’s why I’m glad your alive

And that your actually here

But I wont see you grow up

Because I’ve been given a year

But I have some time left

So try not to cry

I just wish you could understand me

so I could say bye…

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