a walk down a broken road

As another night falls heavily

Upon a world of loneliness

Another stranger

Falls into the shadows

of a broken society..

Headlights crawl upon

The endless concrete

As its’ tinted windows

Blind the wills of any human contact

The sounds of Heavy footsteps

Echo across a silent sidewalk

Where the only voices that are heard

Are the impersonal songs from an mp3 player

Deafening the man who cannot hear a distant “hello”

From a friend walking toward the other direction

Tears fall from a child’s eyes

As a barbed wired fence

surrounding a house

Separates him with the soccer ball

That he hadn’t put down once that day

And the locks on the fences

And the shades in the windows

Defeat any hope of contacting the strangers

Who could stop the little boy from crying any longer

And the ring of a cell phone

Rips through the night sky

As the girl who answers

Is surrounded by a cloak of invisibility

For no stranger from then on

Would be able to see her

Only to hear

The shallow conversations

Of two strangers

who can not be seen

And as the moon rises

And the stranger had gone

The society of shallowness goes on

Like a dusty old record player

Playing the rusting songs of loneliness

throughout the endless night

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