Singing a song

In a voice

Of melodic freedom,

Notes upon notes

Truth upon dreams,

Singing a song

Of a bitter future

Corruption, deception

Harmonic disruption,

Writing a thought

After they silence my song

My voice is confiscated.. Temporarily

Inappropriate to our “world”

My pen shakes violently

Losing grip from worn fingers

Culprits in 50 states and 100 countries..

Writing thoughts of freedom

Line upon line

Love upon hope

The paper is slowly incinerated

After torn into millions of pieces

The truth is hidden once more

Though the words are still branded on my heart

Yearning to escape

To be released into our “world”

To open the eyes

That have been shut so tight

To raise the flag

Stuck at half mast

As everyday more voices are censored and silenced

Censored thoughts

Censored songs

Censored poems

And censored hopes

But I will always have my voice

Until my last breath itself is silenced

They may censor my song, and censor my poem

But they can never silence the steady beating of my heart

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