an empty dreamer

When you built this wall

You thought you weren’t ever coming back;

Back to the heavy regrets of your past..

Back to the things that made you run away….

But every time you closed your eyes

It all came tumbling back,

and when it did

there was no where else to run, was there?

So then you tore it down,

But all that was left was the rubble

Of broken memories that you left behind..

I mean.. what did you expect?

Did you think the world would have stopped spinning

Just so you could get a grip..

But no… time became too heavy

And began to fall through the ice…

And the anger within your past

Made it so the clock couldn’t freeze...

In fact…it began to tick faster…

So did you ever grab back onto reality?...

Or were your hands left cold and empty,

A familiar feeling huh?…

And oh how it burns and freezes…

You never thought it could hurt this bad

But it does..

It .. Still .. Does…

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