Choking lights

Anxious stares

Short, shaky breaths

Echo in his ears

"Why am I up here?"

The microphone mocks him

He feels faint

His eyes shut tightly

Eyelids heavy as steal

Time stands still

The music explodes

The room fills with a melodic tune

Sounding foreign to his own ears

His eyes open slowly

His heart beats with the rhythm

The last note hangs in the air

The audience is on the edge of their seats


A roar of applause

And a sigh of relief

He smiles as the lights comfort him

He feels infinite

And in that moment

He's free

One thought in his mind

Can't let them score

His muscles tighten

His mind's as clear as the sky

And his heart pumps faster

As he sprints to the ball

Adrenaline flows through his blood

Sweat drips off his brow

He feels the opponent's presence

And in that moment they collide

Pain shoots up his leg

He seems blinded with the feeling

But he stands up proud

As the ball misses the net

The parents yell his name

His pain is numbed

And once more

He's free

She smiles and says goodbye

The stars seem to glisten in her eyes

His heart skips as she lets go of his hand

She smiles softly

Promising that they will soon meet again

The new feeling has him hooked

He feels alive

He feels fulfilled

He feels out of breath

And at a loss for words

He feels his heart beat

As if for the first time

New feelings awake

One by one

And in the end

He's free

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