things unseen


The day started like it usually does

Boyfriends and girlfriends, falling in love

Break ups and make ups in halls or in class

Bullies and druggies threatening to kick peoples ass

The punks and the popular avoiding one another

And brothers and sisters avoiding each other

The actors and singers not caring what others think

While the gossiping girls worry about what’s the new pink

The teachers all yawn and roll their eyes

While kids in the office are dishing out lies

Then you hear comments on who’s fat or thin

Or they talk about the new girl with the colored skin

Then the bell rings and we all head to class

The nerds in first and the slackers in last

But something’s different today, there’s one empty seat

For the girl who is always organized and neat

She had perfect attendance since her first year

And she never did drugs or  even taste beer

And her grades were so perfect and so were her looks

And she always came prepared with every pencil and book

But where was she today its not like her to be out

It couldn’t have been her parents fault no one has ever heard them shout

But then on came the loud speaker which is rare during the day

We heard it click on and then we heard a voice say:

“The girl that we’ve known for ever so long”

“The girl that never did anything wrong”

“The girl with the perfect attendance and grades”

“The girl that seemed like she had it made”

“The girl who was organized and always so neat”

“The girl who sat in that empty seat”

“The girl who was great in everyone’s head”

“The girl who now is apparently dead”

There was a silence in the room and there were some tears

No one had noticed that over the years

She had cuts on her wrists that she never could explain

But no one thought they were from her pain

After the eerie silence the speaker came on at last

And they made an announcement on how the flag was at half mast

They said that the funeral would be later that week

And when the speaker went off no one could speak

How could someone seem so perfect but not be perfect at all

Or maybe she was at some point but that’s what caused her downfall

The reason why she did it may not ever be known

But how could we have been so blind when all the clues were shown

Then we remembered the lesson that we have all forgot

That things look like something that they usually are not

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