rearanging years


9 years old

out in the mud

watching Bugs Bunny

torcher Elmer Fudd

so much freedom

no work, no problems

just fun

working with my dad

each tool weighing

a ton

10 years old

chasing my friends


hide and go seek

"Why was I always


11 years old

time seems to fly

thoughts of growing up

always made me cry

but I still sit

and play with all my toys

and there's still a fine line

between the girls and the boys

12 years old

"Mom I'll never

leave you when I

grow older"

"Mom am I really

taller then your


13 years old

I feel like I'm lost

not feeling the feelings

I used to adore

and finaly a clean room

with not one toy on

the floor

14 years old

I start high school

It's my frshman year

"Is there really a pool?!"

I join some clubs

and singing becomes my thing

and everyday I hear comments like

"Vatche can sing!?!?!?"

more and more work

no time to my self

and all my old toys

disapearing of my shelf

but sometimes I still,

dream like a kid

and I always try to remember

every little thing I did

But I don't want to grow any older

because so many things seem to change

"Mom are you only up to my shoulders?!?!

how did things get so rearranged?!?!?!?"

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