the present

naughty ramblings

on my birthday came a gift

from sad to glad my emotions did shift

this present was hidden for a better time

when life would begin to treat me unkind

my face did frown up

then this gift did arrive

packed full of love

requesting i dive

and bask in the joy that was his embrace

to smile at the smile that he put on my face

to hold his dear heart and hear it beat

to feel his great art and take my seat

on the throne prepared and adorned for me

to rest to recharge and be filled with glee

reciprocate hugs and bounce back his thoughts

accepting him inside my inner parts

releasing him when he needed to go

revealing beauty only his love could show

after a while he'll return again

at the core of it all, we are still friends

our dance is a hold that can stop all time

as we go on creating our rythym and rhyme

this one is a keeper or is it just me?

so blinded by love i don't want to see

but one eye is open and both ears and heart

i feel this great gift when we are apart

and he feels me too for we 2 are 1

reflecting light back and forth the moon and the sun....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my birthday present, who it seems was born for me... I am so blessed!

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