when i look into a mirror

do i see YOU in me or do i see the He who resides in me

or do i just see me

when i speak a word that touches you

is the beauty my words, or how deeply you comprehend them

or just that i am speaking

is the 'mirror' blurry

because you cannot see yourself clearly, or because the other person doesn't understand your words

or because you do not swim as deeply in eachother's souls from a lack of connection and understanding.....

i see you, I see YOU, i SEE you, I SEE you, i SEE YOU, I SEE YOU

when will you open your eyes and see me

when will the immortal love of man and woman be

my tears were shed to wash your eyes clean

so that you could be opened to share your heart with me

the response i was given is not the one i seek

and only the realest reciprocation of your love will keep me from falling weak

ask those questions that no one dares to speak

unlock this empty prison i am condemned to pace so bleak

are my tears clouding my vision where i don't see you?

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