that girl (MY BABYMAMA)

i love that girl

she proves she feels me too

when no one else was there she was far from invisible

i love that girl

what a looker she is

claiming to be a hooker but having 1 daddy for her kids

i love that girl

feeling me more that i feel myself

spiraling into a place to heal that had depths more tangible than real

i love that girl

1 heart we share

told her all my secrets since only she'd dare to breathe my air

i love that girl

she thinks i've forgotten her

not knowing i cry to myself as her voice echoes through me like no other

i can't forget i simply regret that i fret for her every set of issues on the stand and her absence on the set but i'll bet my silence is what she won't forget

i love that girl

big girls don't cry we take all of it

the good the bad the sad the rad whether it's a fad or some mess to make us mad

that girl, i love... no matter how much i say

it won't get me when i say

we are beyond words or visits or even conversation, and

the 1 thing that will bring me elation would be to have her return home

and LIVE!

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