feverish PITCH

naughty ramblings

can i make you smile while your fingers graze the keyboard

of course i can grab you by your string and make you holler for the LORD

you said you saw the devil in my gleaming smile

all i want you to do is stay for a while

lookin down my shirt and observing all my sweetness

hoping for your chance to lean back and to carress

my girlfriends who never come out and play

those girls who hold your eyes and make you wanna stay

i don't get off on this, it's only foreplay

your one and only guess, i am way to horny

way open to all reactions even the korny

i like for it to linger... the longer the better

i like to feel a finger... but tongues make me wetter

your words are strong and direct and they send me to the edge

i tiptoe across but will not jump off the ledge

we enjoy my being swollen and even my open pupils

but honey this type of talk will not make me lose my scruples

i will admit arousal is the point of the game

but for me to spend my energy on emptiness is lame

preparing for the get down or throwdown to go down

i am not afraid to clown or swivel round or show the brown round

but opening up all the way is not ever the prize

i got control over the way i act when nature awkens to rise

i will talk allday and in my sleep too if it means you'll open up

but no need for me to over flow if you never filled my cup

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