spoiled and confused...wip6/27/08

pushing towards a new path of heaven beyond my dreams

i know that nothing truly is exactly as it seems

all of this inclusion with its ins and its outs

have me trying to know what this inclusions all about

are you looking for me to add you into my mix

of broken hearts and memories or am i here just for kicks

i get tired and i'm weary from the manners and the ways

or the lack thereof that just keeps me amazed

frustration will not push me to move on and rush in life,and i will not rush the unlived chapters of why i was his wife

what's his is mine what's mine is mine, a sad game to play

the spoiled lil girl... forcing him to have it my way

how can i break away being who i want to be

when all that i require comes thru us being we

i have nothing to bring to the table

but an open heart that's far too willing and seldom truly able

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