naughty ramblings

I wake i am sought i seek a new friend... the friends that i make i keep til the end

all males who know i am who they seek those males just seek the sweetness of me

i go and show the edge of my mind knowing that real friends will know when they find

a good girl who acts out with nothing to do a good girl who's honest and sexy and cute

i can't help but show my shell all about though showing doesn't say what's within without

proving i am different from all that are known those females afraid to express how they've grown

let's all be real and say who we are before we get stuck and make a new scar

see me for a part that i show to you then dig deep and change from invisible

realize there's more to me than what i show and that more is the chick that you want to know

she's pretty and beautiful but not to the eye and really a lady although she tries

to trash the idea of who that chick is that lady who's greeted with the daintiest kiss

i know who i am and i share her with you in pieces that make me incredible

so please just show good and share love and be kind as i allow you to explore as deep as you find

to be the most sensible depth for you to handle and don't just dismiss me for my tiny scandals

see me as too real to lie to you see me the woman who sees you too

i'll stay in your dreams if you give me one chance if you get past the urge to unbutton your pants

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