i always tell the world that u never taught me nothing

and the nothing that u taught me is the thing that makes me something

something that is nothing for the world to be messed up with

nothing to the people with no clue who MTD is

something that's so real that  they do not understand

cuz the nothing that i speak slips and slides right thru their hands

you showed many ways stepping round amongst the strays

that the world can shelter rays of light left here to just amaze

you told me how to spot not just the truth but the real

you told not to hold in what it is i truly feel

you told me to be kind and to love my fellow man

you told feed the hungry and heed God's holy plan

you told me to be pure and let go of all the cares

you told me to endure and ignore the foolish stares

this nothing that u taught me keeps me grounded  in true virtue

it's something to behold to be counted with the few

i thank u for this LADY, cuz  thru it all you are to me

MY one and only mama not just cuz you had concieved:

of the ressurection, of the springtime, and of the crown

but because you never let what you were dealt get you down

i said all of this to remember you, my friend

the bright eyed big baby smiling right until the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP mommy...3/29/08  8:50 pm we will love YOU always"pretty girl"

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