naughty ramblings

i hope this is who i dreamed it is

miss you so much, each hug and kiss

rubbed my innermost place of pleasure

touched me deeper than words could measure

miss your touch that transforms my form

from innocent and meek to open and warm

your eyes that opened my flooded emotion

and lips that float upon the ocean

innertubes of forgetfulness that i never came

on that beautiful shaft what a shame

i am stuck in your ship of passionate exchange

and only your presence can rearrange the strange

connection between secret lovers and uncover

the most secret place inside one another discover

the thrill of our second time

experiencing our melding the rythym and rhyme

i hope this is you as i lay here dripping

remembering your thrusting and all of my gripping

only if it is you do i want to hear back

so i can tighten you up on this thang that you lack

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