The Marks of the Almighty on me

the day i was born again i got a birthmark on my head

the heat from it was so bad made me wish that i was dead

i cried so hard i bled and bled

the story behind them can't truly be read

if i never told you the story of the marks on my head

you look in my face and think i had a fight

when in reality it's proof i saw the light

and let go of the antics of the night

even though i don't always do what's right

running round with my things that shine so bright

when i look in the mirror, i'm reminded everyday

and sometimes more often than that i need to pray

that i don't revert and go astray

trying to act like it's all ok

when i know it WILL be, someday

i have this mark atop my face

to remind me not ever to disgrace

the Most High and his saving grace

from a painful blessing that i can't erase

that no one could ever replace

my blessed birthmark is bigger than it appears

to make room for it my scalp was snatched to the rear

and 2 gaping holes separated me from the attribute i hold dear

the common sense i always denied resided in me, it's clear

losing sight of what was real was my fear

but now i just hold on year to year

my silly fear is completely gone now

i'm a whole new person and i don't know how

i ever walked upright or why i was proud

to be the loudest person in the crowd

guess all my dirt amplified my doubt

i've cleaned up now and i am seen

especially when i hide behind the scenes

sharing insights rich and keen

from life experience, some call me mean

honestly most folks are green bout me

side stepping the boisterous action life sometimes brings

and the pangs of the world that ring and ring

crying out today.... always... take away the sting

please change the roughness of the thing

that's what you hear when i open up to sing

my birthmark brought me so much change

til looking out from this body i feel strange

folks didn't know me before act like i got mange

it's like the whole world's been rearranged

and nothing ever again will be out of range.... for me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thought of my scars on my face... praise God!!!

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